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JLG Architects: five tips for integrating sustainability into design practice









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Fifteen of the world's twenty largest architecture and engineering companies, responsible for more than $ billion in construction annually, have adopted and implemented the Challenge . According to a recent survey conducted by the Design Futures Council among design industry leaders, approximately forty percent (%) of architectural firms in the United States have adopted the challenge. For companies to incorporate sustainability into all their projects, their leaders must actively defend and facilitate change. Research indicates that by implementing sustainable designs, building owners enjoy financial and non-financial business benefits, such as lower operating costs and significantly higher occupant satisfaction, which influences productivity. Furthermore, economic benefits do not always come at the expense of initial costs. Argyle Building Design by JLG Architects, Grandforks, ND Argyle Building Design by JLG Architects, Grandforks, ND Obtaining these benefits for the different stakeholders in high-value projects inevitably leads to repeating the business scheme for design companies. These results show that sustainable architecture is good for companies. JLG Architects Studio, Grand Forks, ND Studio of JLG Architects, Grand Forks, ND. Collaboration area and meeting rooms that overlook the workstation area. Shows an active design provided by Sefaira. JLG Architects was founded in  owned by its employees and has offices in North America.

JLG Architects has received many AIA awards for projects ranging from healthcare facilities, corporate offices, airport terminals, educational facilities to sports venues. It has achieved ambitious certifications, such as North Dakota's first LEED Platinum building, and LEED Gold and Silver for projects ranging from research centers to housing developments. He is currently pursuing full certification from the Living Building Challenge, Fitwell, LEED Platinum, the AIA Framework for Design Excellence, and exceptional energy performance Latvia Email List for his own office in Grand Forks (shown above). JLG Architects Minneapolis Studio, Minneapolis, MN. JLG Architects Minneapolis Studio, Minneapolis, MN. Collaboration zone overlooking San Antonio Falls with community jobs to the left. The excellence that abounds in JLG's work comes from embracing its vision and core values ​​combined with impactful leadership. We sat down with Patrick Thibaudeau, long-time sustainability advocate and JLG's Chief Sustainability Officer, to talk about how the company successfully translated its vision and values ​​into the design process of each team member.

Read on for five tips for successfully integrating sustainability into practice and processes. All images courtesy of JLG Architects. Find out why: why sustainability matters At JLG, our vision is “Design for Life,” which means using design thinking and skills to help people and communities thrive. This vision is supported by five core values: design, community, relationships, stewardship and integrity. JLG lives these values ​​by working to elevate the human experience by positively impacting the health of occupants, the well-being, equity and resilience of people and place; designing for positive performance: energy, carbon, water; and responsibly using resources to achieve financial prosperity for communities, organizations and individuals through sustainable architecture. JLG “Design for Life” These objectives have always been present throughout the company's years of history. Their founders embodied them and now they are transmitted in writing so that each team member adopts the vision, the values, the approach, and understands the practical steps they must take in each project to improve the lives of all stakeholders. Implementing sustainability in daily practice To live our vision and values, we ask ourselves: “What do these aspirations look like on each person's desk.


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