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Do you know the advantages of home automation at home?









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Domestic home automation is the set of systems capable of automating a home, providing energy management, security, well-being and communication services, that is, the integration of technology in a home , and which can be integrated through networks. indoor and outdoor communication, wired or wireless and whose control can be exercised from inside or outside the home. Benefits of Home Automation, What are they? Advantages of home automation “close the gas valve, turn on the heating, intrusion notifications” Surely you have ever had the feeling when leaving your house and not being sure if you have turned off the gas valve, because with a home with home automation this does not happen, since by integrating all the intelligent systems in a simple application , controlling the blinds from work or turning off the gas valve, will be a reality. Control home temperature Through home automation you can control and program the temperature of your home so that when you arrive, it is to your liking. You can also program the air conditioning so that in summer, your house or apartment is cool. Motion detection Having smart cameras is another of the advantages of home automation.

They detect movement and notify you if there is an emergency or if it is caused by a pet, air currents or other reasons. They contribute to energy savings Home Rwanda Email List automation allows you to turn on or off electrical appliances , detect if there are gas leaks or water leaks , and cut off the flow if necessary, thus improving the energy consumption of our home. Entrance door control Having a smart home allows us to know whether or not we have closed our access door to our home , so we can activate the automatic closing in case of doubt. Can you imagine a home that learns from you, your customs, needs or preferences to facilitate your daily life? Making your home a place where you only have to worry about having a battery on your mobile device to control the entire home is possible with home automation.

You might be interested in our article on Devices compatible with Alexa Install home automation at home: How to do it? Getting a home automation house is not as difficult as it seems, it is true that the participation of a professional in the sector will be necessary to be able to install the necessary elements for said automation, solenoid valves, receivers, home automation center, integration of the elements in the system... they will be some of the requirements that you must meet. As you have seen, technology is gradually making its way into our daily lives, at Bourgeois Fincas we are aware of this, for this reason we have integrated into our protocols the possibility of visiting our homes virtually, and so that you can decide how to home automation your new home.


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