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Advertising for a longer period of time with Google AdWords or Facebook is much cheaper and you reach the target group you want to reach. This way you can also reach people who have already been to your website through remarketing . You approach people who have previously been to your website with a tailor-made message. Consider, for example, displaying specific banners. This can only be done after a few months to stay top of mind on a low budget.

According to the Guardian, the reading time that people set aside for reading the newspaper has fallen by a quarter in four years . Watching TV is also decreasing every year . There has been a movement from offline to online for years. Traditional Canada Phone Number List have less impact than a few years ago. The current and coming generations are more focused on online and are cash online. This makes it increasingly difficult to reach the right target groups offline. B2B marketing will therefore also have to make a change to focus more on online instead of offline. After all, this change applies not only to consumers, but also to companies and businesses. It is much easier to look for answers, materials or partners via the Internet.

14 reasons to use digital marketing as a B2B company, shift offline to online

12. Accessible
Almost everyone has a Facebook profile. Or a LinkedIn account. Or access to another social media network. Or perhaps Google AdWords access. It is very easy to start with digital marketing. You have to know who your target group is, you have to know what you want to tell those people, you invest a minimum budget and you can start. However? That's certainly how it will be in the beginning. It is very accessible and can be used and created by anyone. However, if you want (and have to) make a living from it, I would advise you to think carefully about who your personas are, how you want to reach them, when you want to reach them and with what message. We would be happy to think about this.


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