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When users choose to type the link









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   There are multiple reasons why a visitor might get a 404 page:  When your server is down or poorly configurated, cannot fulfil a user request, or does not support an extensive amount of traffic. When a user mistakes when typing the URL into the address bar.  into the address bar, misspelling a word or missing letters from the link can easily happen, especially if they try to access the website from their phone. When you change an URL and do not set up a redirect. Whenever a user saves a link and what to directly access that specific page, but the URL has changed and has not been redirected, the user will end up on a 404 error page.

Let’s take the website architecture Aruba Email List example for eCommerce sites: a link structure includes a category or subcategory in the URL. Whenever those categories or subcategories get any change in the name, all the URLs under that specific category or subcategory will change. When you delete a page. It can be a product page, a category, a blog post, a promotions page etc. Whenever a website page gets deleted, the link will no longer be functional. If a user has saved that particular URL and wants to access it, the shopping experience will be cut short by a 404 error message. We strongly advise you redirecting all your deleted pages to avoid any negative experience.

    When you have broken links on your website. Users will be directed to a 404 page whenever a page cannot be found.    Based on the data presented by Cludo.com, the causes of 404 pages in percentages are as follows:  Direct links, typos (user error), email links and bookmarks – 45.87% Referral and social network links – 30.26% Broken links on your website – 17.58% Search engine links – 6.3% Why Do 404 Pages Have an Impact on an eCommerce Business? Why-Do-404-Pages-Have-an-Impact-on-an-eCommerce-Business.  eCommerce businesses often overlook a 404-page error and just set up a default 404 page with a standard message, leading to a bad user experience.

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