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This new and groundbreaking type of advertisement is set to change the way we all market our products. Or is it? Native advertising is just well thought-out content with a focus on how users consume it on any given platform. Robert Rose published an excellent feature on the topic earlier this fall. Native Advertising is Just Good Advertising When I say “good advertising,” I’m not talking about ads that have gone viral or that take advantage of the latest and greatest smartphone tech. I’m talking about ads that fit almost seamlessly into the landscape of any given platform.

Ads that fit in so well users often won’t even recognize them as ads. Isn’t this the type of marketing to which we all aspire? This approach to native advertising is really born out of ad blindness. We’re all bombarded with so many ads day Tanzania Email List in and day out that we tune them out in favor of things that really matter to us: Photos, tweets from friends and mentors, and, according to YouTube, cat videos. But, while we’re consuming the things that really matter to us, we’re also tuning out multiple banner ads that pop up alongside of our news feeds and news articles. In all honesty, when was the last time you voluntary clicked on a banner or pop-up ad? Enter Native Advertisement To blast past the blindness, we now have the opportunity to publish our messages into the news feeds of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

All this ‘new’ form of marketing has done is present us with the opportunity to do what we should’ve done from the start: Publish ads that fit the medium and don’t stick out like a sore thumb. You wouldn’t publish an ad formatted for the web in a magazine, would you? So, why would anyone assume ads on Twitter shouldn’t be different than those on Facebook? Maybe that’s why some companies and firms are having difficulty with native ads. The larger the organization, the more likely they’re relying heavily on scalable processes. While you can share the same story over numerous channels, this platform-centric approach to crafting a story can require a much more time intensive approach.


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