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The appearance of your website is likely to be attractive and eye-catching. But to get the right position in the search engine rankings, you will also need the right text and content. The first step in photography SEO is to find all the keywords that are relevant to your business. Keywords are selected depending on the type of business, target audience and your geographical location. For example, consider "advertising photography in Isfahan". In this phrase, "advertising photography" is the main keyword and "Isfahan" provides important information about your scope of activity. You can also use Google suggestions to choose the right keyword.

Advertising photography in Isfahan Expert tip : You can use a tool like Armenia Email List Keyword Planner to find the most searched terms in your field of work. You can also research the keywords your competitors are using. Make sure you use general search terms alongside specific keywords that accurately describe your brand. These keywords should be used throughout all parts of your website, including your domain name, headers, footers, and page content. Add Page Title, Heading, Meta Description Search engines give importance to page titles in SEO ranking of sites. Also, each page should include a brief description (Meta Description) that shows exactly the nature of the page.

If you are a portrait photographer, your home page description should be something like "Portrait photographer based in Isfahan, Iran. Specializing in family portraits." Your description must be less than 155 characters.  with a red box on the search results page, and the Meta Description can also be seen below it. Meta descriptions and appropriate titles for photography website pages But regarding headers, it should be said that they are tags that are shown in order of importance from H1 to H6, and their selection follows certain principles.


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