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Here are the key details about the 346 area code in the United States:

The 346 area code is a telephone area code that serves parts of eastern Texas, including the Houston metropolitan area. It was introduced in 2011 as an overlay to the existing 713 and 832 area codes in the region.

The 346 area code was created to meet the growing demand for new phone numbers in the Greater Houston area. The region has experienced significant population and economic growth over the past couple of decades, leading to the need for additional numbering capacity beyond what the 713 and 832 area codes could provide on their own.

When the 346 area code was first introduced, it overlay the existing 713 and 832 area codes, meaning that customers in the same geographic region could have phone numbers with any of the three area codes (713, 832, or 346). This allowed for the addition of new phone numbers without having to change existing ones.

The 346 area code specifically covers a italy phone number large portion of Harris County, which contains the city of Houston as well as many of its surrounding suburbs. Some of the major cities and communities served by the 346 area code include:

In addition, the 346 area code extends into neighboring counties like Fort Bend, Brazoria, and Galveston, encompassing other fast-growing communities in the region.

From a technical standpoint, the 346 area code uses the same North American Numbering Plan and operates on the same telephone network infrastructure as other U.S. area codes. This means that calls within the 346 area code, as well as calls between 346 and other area codes, are routed and processed in a similar manner to calls in any other part of the country.

Deer Park
La Porte
League City

Overall, the introduction of the 346 area code has helped to meet the increasing demand for new phone numbers in the Houston metropolitan area, supporting the region's continued growth and development. As the population and economy in this part of Texas continue to expand, the 346 area code will likely play an increasingly important role in the local telecommunications landscape.


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