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5 marketing methods that connect to mobile users









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How many fans, readers, or followers do you use on a daily basis?

Have you ever thought that mobile users will be closely related to business growth in the future?

More and more people use smartphones for daily life

In fact, customers always expect the ability to connect seamlessly, seamlessly and with little interruption from businesses, companies and corporations. And nothing else, that's the ability to connect through mobile devices. In this article, the content will cover 5 marketing methods to help you connect with mobile users effectively.

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Why pay attention to mobile users?
Today's users spend a lot of time accessing social networks via mobile, even more times when compared to computers. Specifically, this figure for Pinterest users is 92%, Twitter is 86%, Facebook is 68%, and Tumblr is 46%. With just a glance, you can see how "huge" the number is, and why you need to pay attention to mobile users as soon as possible.

1. Connecting to nearby users
Smartphones have a very interesting point, which is that it allows us to collect data based on the user's location. Therefore, it is very effective to use advertising services whose destination is the user's location. For example, you can use Fourquare ads to optimize advertising costs, as well as identify customers in the most specific way.

Using smartphones to locate users

2. Mobile-friendly interface
There is nothing easier for users than accessing a website with a mobile-optimized interface. If this interface differentiates for both phones and tablets, even better.

It's not too hard to get a mobile-friendly interface these days. If you can't design it yourself, find experienced programmers. They can tweak a few pieces of code to get a mobile-optimized look and feel, or they can create completely new mobile interfaces.

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3.Limit redundant updates
Mobile users do not log in to each individual social network to monitor the activity of the channels to be monitored. Instead, they use real-time live notifications.

This message will appear on the user's mobile as soon as you update the status. Of course, if you update the same status on many different social networks, it means that users will receive countless notifications with identical content. This action is like you are intentionally spamming your users.

So, the solution is to find a way to adjust the message to only appear Job Function Email List on a certain fixed social network. Of course, that should be the social network that users use the most, and also where your reputation is strongest.

Avoid situations where customers have to receive too many of your updates

4.Confirm Google+ Information
Currently, up to 79% of users use their phones to search through location, this figure goes up to 81% for tablet users. Therefore, confirming Google+ page information is one of the most optimal forms of business authentication in the eyes of users.

Besides, you can also develop Google+ social network similar to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Because out of 800 million Android users in the world, almost everyone has at least one Google+ account.


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