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Virtual switchboards can offer a large number of services that add value to the reception of calls. The services that our clients use the most are: – Voice announcements such as welcome or out of hours. – Menu of options that transfer the call to the desired destination according to the option selected by the caller. Example: "If you want to speak with the Sales Department press 1, with Administration press 2 for other questions, please wait". – Call identification: Establish a numerical prefix in front of the number making the call in order to identify calls received through the Fonvirtual.com number or even the option chosen in the options menu. – Voice mailboxes (can be received by email in MP3 format). – Possibility of different configurations according to day, time, origin…- Possibility of accessing a Web panel to make configuration changes and access statistics and reports of calls received. The IP voice switchboard is, therefore, a great success for all types of companies, due to price, functionalities and image in general.

These were all unpopular measures that won parliamentary approval without further scrutiny. The accounts in Congress to approve the Solidarity Law did not seem easy, given the rejection of the parties close to the government. However, Uribe was C Level Contact List already taking care of talking personally with them to get the necessary votes in order to achieve a majority. With direct pressure from the ex-president, it was likely that the favorable result would finally be achieved.

However, the future of the reform was not defined in Congress, as had always been the case, but in the streets, which marks an unprecedented event in Colombia. Although even before the filing of the project, the workers' unions had called a strike for April 28, the disclosure of the articles of the law days before the protest turned the rejection of the reform –and of the minister– into the motto of the mobilization. The discomfort came from some specific points of the law, such as certain increases in VAT on public services and fuel taxes, and the freezing of the salaries of public employees, who have the collective agreement with the most coverage in the country. The main problem was not the eventual results of the reform –it could benefit the poorest with social benefits and reduce income inequality–, but rather the person who was being pressured to achieve their goal.


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