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Weathering The Storm With Your Digital Marketing Strategy









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The key is to avoid rushing into wholesale strategic changes. In fact, digital businesses should slow down and take the time to evaluate what is at the core of their company’s success. Instead of making quick changes to reduce costs and waste, focus on what makes the company profitable in times of steadiness. Luckily, this can be done effectively by strategically re-investing in four key business principles, both internally and externally.

Step 1: Invest In Existing Customers
Instead of losing customers to an economic downturn, offer them additional value that increases loyalty. Any digital business can achieve this by listening to its customers and focusing on the things that set Country Email List them apart from the Country Email List competition – both of which are vital during periods of volatility.

The first step should be to re-evaluate existing customer segmentation. A leading global luxury watchmaker took this approach in order to deepen its understanding of key consumers. By capturing insights about existing customer clusters from website visits and surveys, the brand applied more targeted advertising and personalised experiences based on the foundation of non-personally identifiable information.

Remember, the best customers are the ones that provide the highest value to any business – and that keep coming back. That’s why it’s so important to invest in delivering the best possible experience to these top customers. Any company that can optimise customer interactions to offer a superior experience will be rewarded with repeat business – providing value in the short-term as well as future-proofing the company.

Linked to this is reducing customer loss, as no business can afford to lose existing customers during an economic downturn. Businesses should therefore consider whether their strategy is primarily focused on the first conversion, or truly optimised to bring back customers. If it’s the former, the challenge of turning a falling volume of interactions into business will become even harder.

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