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The eternal debate every year... Summer homework, positive or negative?









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发表于 2023-11-27 14:53:56 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
The summer holidays are here and with them more than two months ahead in which the children say goodbye to school. This course has been very different and has not been easy for anyone. The masks, the hydroalcoholic gel and the rules have become protagonists in the classrooms and the little ones have behaved more than well. Therefore, summer vacations are more necessary than ever. Will this year be different? Or will they still have to work with those endless duties? Duties to not lose the habit.Homework is not necessary in summer. Let them play and have fun and let's not create meaningless habits. After so many months of school, what the boy is looking for is attention and spending time with his family. My advice to parents is to pr play with water balloons, see the tears of San Lorenzo, enjoy the compan.

But I wonder if after ten months of going to school daily they haven't had enough. Students spend 25 hours a week studying curricular subjects for 174 days a year. If in all this time they are not able to maintain the habit of working, we should consider that we Country Email List  are doing something wrong, very wrong.For children, homework is their job and they are tired, even more so this yeaWouldn't it seem impossible for a company to send tasks to workers on vacation? I'm sure that ifthhappened, it would hit the news around the world, it would seem crazy to us. So why don't we see homework that way? For the children, homework is their job and they are tired, even more so this year when they have not been able to carry out a course normally.

You do not have to force them to do homework, it is much better to instill habits in a less imposing way. Play with them and through those games they learn. You don't know everything that can be learned by doing everyday tasks. In the kitchen you can learn everything from mathematics, language, science, art and even music if we put ourselves into it. You just have to be with them, share time and listen to them. I advise parents to let their children read in the summer. But let them read for pleasure, what they like, so they will feel it as a way to pass the time and not as work.


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