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Beyond the destruction and war in Europe









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According to Wikipedia, “The Yeltsin era was marked by widespread corruption, economic collapse, two wars in Chechnya, and enormous social and political problems that affected Russia and other former states of the Soviet Union. During the early years of his presidency, many of Yeltsin's political supporters turned against him. The constant confrontations with Parliament culminated in the Russian constitutional crisis of October , when Parliament tried to remove Yeltsin from office and he, in response, laid siege to the Russian White House, in which hundreds of people died. Yeltsin got rid of the current Constitution, temporarily banned political opposition” and dissolved the USSR.

In short, today's Russia is the combined product of a coup d'état and a neoliberal economic experiment , hailed by the West, and not of the sovereign decision of its citizens. On its ruins, a new era Pakistan Email List began, which we all hoped would be peaceful and multilateral. Europe, still to be done, and China, at the beginning of its metamorphosis, entrusted world leadership to the United States who, in the face of global stupor, squandered the enormous political capital that the victory had given it. Cloning the bloc model, it promoted the nationalism of Eastern Europe, incorporating the countries, recently arrived at liberalism, into the winning military alliance, a decision that created an unnecessary siege on the defeated power, and encouraged the reconstruction of the immense state based on a response based on nationalism.

pan-Russian, and that is how it happened at the hands of Putin . The United States, in turn, attempted to control global energy resources, kicked the turbulent hornet's nest of the emerging Islamic nations and invaded Iraq, initiating the worst war catastrophe since the Vietnam War. There they found the limits of imperial capacity, which has allowed the new Russian satrap to rebuild the nationalist pride of great power in Syria. Like all contemporary imperialist leaders, the decline began in the mountains of Afghanistan, beginning global misrule and, most terrible, revealing the absence of alternatives. Because Europe, unfortunately still to be built, does not know how to confront globalization and continues to bet its future on the leadership of the United States.


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