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Equidistance and hypocrisy It is a confrontation









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Autocratic and authoritarian political model, and a democratic political model, both within the countries and at the international level. After this invasion that can lead to a long war like that of Yugoslavia, we witness the natural and immediate consequences that any situation of these characteristics causes: death, refugees, poverty, displaced people, solidarity and mobilizations in favor of peace. But also, to substantive debates in the political sphere, about how to help Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. In the space of the right, the doubts are less because the moral debate of the war was almost never raised. In that sense they have always been pragmatic or interested. They have assumed it as something natural and intrinsic to their values ​​of competitiveness, power and domination.

But in the space of the left, a reasonable doubt arises as to whether or not we should help Ukraine militarily. In collective memory is the “No to War” movement of against the invasion Solomon Islands Email List of Iraq by the USA and its allies in the Azores outside the United Nations. To this we must add that at the bottom of the principles of the left is the universal value of peace and the rejection of war, weapons and violence, as a way to resolve conflicts. So far so good, but something unexpected has come to reality and, furthermore, it has done so next to home and in a threatening way against Europe, in its capacity as an economic and geostrategic zone.

Therefore, in its status as a model, in construction, of supranational cooperation, coexistence and democratic values ​​and respect for Human Rights. On the left, at least part of the Spanish political and social left, all of this has caught us off guard, and it is understandable. The invasion of Ukraine is a global threat to the world by an autarky, led by Vladimir Putin backed by authoritarian countries like China , or by far-right political forces, or by populist leaders like Trump, Salvini, Maduro or Bolsonaro . Peaceful, dialogue and diplomatic means should never be renounced. The figure of the United Nations and its peace policy must always be vindicated. All sanctioning measures, economic and commercial, must be applied to Russia and the consequences of this must be assumed.


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