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Youre building paths for your members to take, and youre leading by example.









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Organized. Community can be messy. Youre in twenty different tabs, three different platforms, with multiple conversations running, and Slack pinging all at once. Youve got to be organized enough to know what is going on at any moment. Sure it can be exhausting, but boy, oh boy, is it fun Communication. How can you build relationships with someone if you cant communicate? Im sure its possible, but imagine the difficulty Excellent written and verbal communication is essential when youre the mouthpiece for the brand. Lets not accidentally promise 3k worth of bonuses when it was actually 1k.

Empathetic. Its similar to Customer Service; youre not always hearing from Kuwait Email List List people on their best day. You must be able to take in what the other person is saying, listen, and understand their point of view. That way, you can provide them with honest response to their issue. Often in Community, the bond and relationship become so strong you deal with things you wouldnt expect. Youre an advocate for members and an advocate for the brand. Its a balancing act; the base is your ability to empathize and communicate. Leadership. As a Community Professional,

Members look to you to calm the chaos, enforce the Guidelines, and to learn how to interact in the beginning. Boundary Setting. Because Community roles are so heavy on emotion, we also need to be fully aware and able to set boundaries with not just members but also our coworkers and ourselves. Its okay to be the bad guy once in a while if youre protecting what has been built. While the community is for the members, its your house, and theyre just living in it. Your Community Professional should know when to advocate for the community and when to advocate for the brand.


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