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That is the quickest way to cause people to lose interest and give up trying to find the information they came to get. This will lead to less time spent on your site which will lower your rankings among search results. Content . Be sure to have content that matches your keywords, headlines, and descriptions; this will add to the quality of your content. Don’t think that your site should be entirely composed of words. Although it is important to have a language that is appealing to your audience,

there is plenty more you can use to improve the user’s experience on your site. Supplement Venezuela Email List your site with appropriate videos and photos to keep your audience engaged. Links are also an important element of your site. Every time you add new content, you should internally link it to your site. If you add new content that you don’t link, it can be easily overlooked when someone is using your site. Connecting new content to your existing site not only helps with navigation,

but it also helps to establish your rankings by keeping people on your page. Speed Another important factor in having a successful and user-friendly page is speed. Slow speed for the user can be frustrating and quickly leads to boredom and ultimately your page. Most users access the information they are looking for on the go. Create your page so it is mobile-user friendly. Compressing images and cleaning the cache on your browser are a couple of ways to help improve the speed of your site.


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