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This will allow us to remove the barriers between online and offline, and thanks to augmented and virtual reality, the boundaries between the two worlds will become increasingly unclear. Some big brands have already tried this, such as IKEA, which launched some Very interesting solution that enables consumers to interact better with their products and services. Attracting Generation Z digital natives, highly connected, with short attention spans, high spending power.
no brand loyalty, no trust in traditional advertising: this is the pic Europe Cell Phone Number List ture of the consumer of the future. How to get them involved? There are three slogans: product customization, creativity and innovation. To achieve these goals, it is enough to use new technologies without underestimating the importance of the human factor. It’s important to in-depth, personalize the content, provide them with training tools (Gen Z are fans of the “Do Yourself” culture), but most importantly, speak their language, made up of symbols and slang, to cultivate the brand and empathy among Gen Z. Investing in User-Generated Content (UGC) When it comes to Gen Z, UGC has proven itself to be the .

best solution to invest in this year as well. User-created content will form the basis for a large portion of online users' purchasing decisions. Today, consumers no longer want to buy a product or service, but a lifestyle that they share with their community. Brands must invest in creating communities and provide incentives for the most skilled creators and inspire sharing. Raising Awareness among User Groups Social Media According to a recent survey, there were approximately.

conversations about healthy social media use in 2019. National Unplug Day was mentioned 3,300 times. Users are increasingly becoming aware of the impact social media has on our mental health. That’s why platforms are changing and trying to spur the creation of friendlier, less harmful communities. It’s called “digital detox,” and it’s become part of people’s consciousness. It’s not a matter of closing all your accounts, demonizing social media, and ditching your smartphone, but simply taking a more balanced approach when using it. User habits are changing, so brands must look beyond likes. Consumers will find other ways to express their gratitude, so it’s useful to interact in a clear and transparent way while also providing solutions and opportunities that are relevant to both the physical and digital worlds. For example, Lush UK decided to reduce their social media posts in order to actively engage in conversation and connect with their community. The rise of TikTok Finally there is the rise of TikTok. We have already discussed it in previous articles,


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