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Chatbots both attract customers and accerate engagement – with an improvement in acquisition performance ranging from +25% inflow to the doubling of results. Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized businesses – in their desire to save money – haven’t adopted chatbots… missing out on a potentially profitable audience. For chatbots to be effective, they don’t have to be intrusive and annoying. At times companies who have deployed an overzealous chatbot strategy risk have annoyed their customers and pushed them to competitors. Your chatbot strategy needs to be carefully deployed and monitored. Trend 2: Data Analytics Data analytics is the second marketing technology trend businesses are investing heavily in. Accurate research and measurement is vital to receive critical marketing information from the software systems.

Nowadays the businesses use software platforms such as Board, Birst, and ClearStory to: Data Exploration Fax Lists Build Impactful Reporting This advanced analytics helps to use the corporate strategy effectively and drive better business decisions faster and more relevant. Data analytics is in great demand in the modern world. It allows companies to get analytical data without much effort. By installing a specific platform, companies are already involved in the process of collecting data to improve quality. However, do not forget about the human factor that interacts with data analytics. Professionals in their field should use the data obtained in the process. Trend 3: Business Intelligence Business intelligence (BI) is a system of applications and marketing technologies that allows you to collect data for analyzing business processes and accelerate the application of productive solutions. Almost half of all small and medium-sized businesses use business intelligence in their marketing execution and strategy development.

Sisense, State of BI & Analytics Report The BI business implementation jumped to 27% in 2021. This rise is going to grow since over 46% of companies said they see BI systems as a powerful business opportunity. In 2021, business owners with 10 to 200 employees said that their focus after the COVID-19 pandemic turned to BI as a way to survive. Ease of use explains the popularity of business intelligence among all businesses. There is no need for programming skills to cope with this task. BI software in 2021 includes some vital functions, such as: Drag and drop integration that requires no development. Built-in intelligence and predictive analysis Fast natural language processing (NLP) The main difference between business analytics is providing support in making specific business decisions and helping companies develop.


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