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Hello, all Designil friends. Today admin has collected a Powerpoint Template + Google Slide template for working on presentations, presenting ideas, decks like this are not easy to find. Today, we've selected the top 20 coolest picks for your friends to download and use for free. Free of charge Emphasize that if used in personal work Admin will select them according to the category. Let's see what categories there are today. study business marketing medical Can be used for every presentation occasion We will write the file label below. that it can be used with what programs But most of them can use both Google slides and Powerpoint. Let's get started.

What does this article have? Show Includes 20 beautiful and unique free Google slide templates. Google slide free templates Phone Number List Education category 1. Cottagecore Aesthetic Style Thesis – for presenting thesis work. google slide template free 01 google slide template free 01 Natural style, flowers, pastel pink grass leaves. Soft and unique Suitable for working on presentation projects that want to emphasize sweetness. Compatible with Powerpoint Google slide Price free 2. Notebook Lesson google slide template free 02 google slide template free 02 book page style template There are post-it illustrations cut and pasted on paper. This allows us to focus on the content more clearly. There are also hand-drawn and collage-like elements.

Very suitable for students Compatible with Powerpoint Google slide Price free 3. Pancasila Ideology Thesis google slide template free 03 google slide template free 03 This theme style is very strong for people who want to present academic work, thesis work, and still want to keep the coolness of the red graphic shape combined with this sharp font. I think the color is not too neutral. It's too beautiful. Compatible with Powerpoint Google slide Price free Google slide free templates Business category 4. Company History Timeline google slide template 04 google slide template 04 If your friends want a template with bright colors in the style of telling the story of the company history, combined with the coolness of the graphics and the most chic color gradients.


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