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Multimedia must not slow down the website on which it will be placed and if we decide to publish it on social media we should check its quality as each platform has its own requirements regarding the specifications of the uploaded files. We recommend paying special attention to the size and extension in which the materials are saved. Elements added to the website should also have alternative texts containing keywords and be in the immediate vicinity of the thematic text.

When optimizing various types of content you should also think about adding unique original photos ordering optimization from SEO specialists individual analysis of the situation and competition SEO optimization check If our text has already been Country Email List created according to general SEO principles and indicators it should be checked again in a dedicated optimization program. A good and easy to use tool is Yoast a popular Wordpress plug in and website that allows you to paste text and check it for SEO.

After analyzing the finished material we will receive feedback on individual copy elements. Yoast checks among others text  phrase frequency linking length and number of sentences in a paragraph. Thanks to all the analyzed elements we will find out whether our text is correct in terms of SEO and in case of any errors we can easily make changes and corrections. External tools for content analysis are a big help especially for people who are just starting to write content and optimize it properly.


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