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Shows us that very few web visitors convert into sales-qualified leads, and that number is even lower for lead conversion. For most BB businesses, it's not until your team contacts the lead that it becomes a sale. The question is, then, how to convert visitors into leads? The answer is inbound marketing. If you've browsed our website a bit, you'll have seen the term before. The goal of inbound is to attract your future customers to your website with amazing content, and then guide them through the sales funnel. And what is that process like?. Content and offers.

Content is the backbone of the inbound methodology. The way people shop has changed since Google: they now start with a search to find answers about the service or product they are interested in. Content has those answers. Blog posts, ebooks, infographics, slideshows, videos, and philippines photo editor podcasts, to name a few, are different ways to answer your visitors' questions. The greatest resource you will need is your own time and dedication. Designing marketing content takes time, so outsourcing it can be a great idea to get it going. Calls to action The content brought visitors to your website.

Now you have to convert them into leads. The easiest way to do this is with what we inbound marketers call Calls to Action, or CTAs. CTAs are clickable buttons that help guide the visitor through your website and through the sales funnel. One of our favorite tips at Smartbound is to have CTAs on every page that allow visitors to stay at the same stage of the buyer's journey or take the next step in the funnel. This way, if your content has piqued their curiosity, the next steps are right in front of them. And the best of all is that you are guiding them on their path. More advanced software.


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