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Success Customer reviews are a great opportunity to show that your business understands your customers’ needs. That’s because your customers’ stories highlight how your company helped them succeed and achieve their goals. This way, potential customers with similar problems can trust that your business can help them. If possible, try to choose customer stories that represent your target audience. This will help you reach a larger audience with similar needs. Understanding the Customer Journey While marketing and customer service teams often focus on negative feedback, there’s still a lot to be learned from positive reviews. They tell you what your company is doing right and what it shouldn't change.

Testimonials are in-depth research into customer success stories. They show what the ideal customer journey Phone Number List looks like and what strategies you should implement with new customers. Understanding this part of your customer journey map will help you replicate your customers’ success and generate future referrals. Create Brand Awareness Although this is a marketing goal, customer service teams should understand how referrals impact your brand reputation. So be sure to let your sales reps know how important reviews are to your business and why your service team should monitor them. If possible, encourage your reps to flag customers who might be suitable for referrals. For example, if a sales rep has been having a positive experience with a customer, notify the marketing team so they can collaborate on a review. This connects your customer service and marketing teams and keeps your flywheel running smoothly.

Now that we’ve covered the goals of referrals, let’s review how to put them into action to generate leads. One way to use testimonials to generate leads is to use social proof. In many industries, there's nothing more powerful than social proof. If you don't do this with every customer already, you should. Find your most profitable customers, cultivate a relationship with them, and ask them specifically what they gain from working with you. Then, figure out how to craft these stories into testimonials or case studies to show these examples to future potential clients. Social proof is the power of community so make sure you have lots of different examples of happy customers that you can share on social media, on your website and at events.


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