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Does your digital strategy lead you to sell more developments?









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Thousands of real estate developers and advisors use digital media every day to sell, since these have become ideal for interacting with prospects, and thus meeting customer expectations. Believing that the same campaigns that worked for you in the past will also work in the present is a very common mistake.

Objectives change, and digital media too. So why Telegram Number Data implement the same strategy? This does not mean that you completely change what you have learned from the past; on the contrary, it is important to analyze what went wrong in order to remedy it and optimize the new strategy.

Some strategies that can be used to generate leads from your site:

Content Marketing

Offer material that can be useful and relevant to the end consumer, such as blog articles, ebooks, videos, webinars, infographics, etc. This helps your prospect better understand their problem or need and have more alternatives to solve it. At the same time, you will be positioning yourself in their mind as the expert who can offer a solution to their problems.

For this content to generate prospects that work for you, it must be focused within the 3 purchase decision stages, which are recognition, consideration and decision. In the first, the prospect detects that they have a problem, such as acquiring a property, and begins to carry out searches that will provide a solution. In the second, you begin to consider what the best options would be for your problem, such as the type of property you require (house, apartment or lot), financing, amenities, etc. And in the third, you make the decision as to which option you are going to choose. The idea is to generate content aligned with each stage of the purchase decision process.


It allows you to automate a particular process that in turn has a specific objective, such as following up with your prospect until the real estate closing takes place. These strategies are very effective in increasing sales in digital media, since they have highly personalized follow-up for each prospect and also save you time.


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