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In this sense, we have substantially reduced the levels of sugar and









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Saturated fat in our products even below what is stated in the Aecosan Collaboration Plan. – After these 70 years, how do you see the company in the future? What would you like the Vicky Foods to be like in 70 years? Looking ahead to the coming years, our goal will be to continue developing Vicky Foods as a leading, innovative and sustainable food company. With international projection and with a vocation to diversify in many product categories to satisfy the demands of our consumers and clients globally. – What is Vicky Foods' secret to lasting over time? Without a doubt, the most important ingredients are the values ​​that my parents instilled in the company and that define us today: work, perseverance, quality, creativity and vision for the future. Without forgetting our team of more than 2,600 people, whose professionalism and commitment are an indisputable part of our success. All this has led us to be a leading company in the food sector. In fact, we have closed 2021 with a turnover of 405 million euros and a portfolio of more than 350 products.In recent years, the food industry has experienced various changes in trends in favor of new, more ethical and sustainable alternatives.

An example of this is the appearance of gastronomic products created from vegetable proteins, which can be an ideal alternative to traditional protein sources for those who do not wish to consume meat. Mimic Seafood is a company that is dedicated to producing vegetarian and vegan products analogous to fish. It was born as a startup in 2019, and currently has several finished products, among which Tunato stands out, a  Job Function Email List false bluefin tuna made from tomato pulp; or Aubergeel, eel made from Japanese eggplant. Economía 3 interviews Andrea García , R&D director of Mimic Seafood , about these new products and the current situation of the alternative protein market. A red tomato tuna -Tunato is one of your star products. How do you make it? It is composed of tomato, olive oil, seaweed, soy sauce and spices. Basically it is the outside part of the tomato, emptied of all pulp, cut into petals and dried.

It doesn't have much mystery, it's dried tomato, candied and flavored so that it has that touch of raw red tuna. -Visually it is a very attractive product, but have you managed to make it taste like tuna? What feedback are you getting? What we were looking for when developing Tunato is not for it to have an authentic tuna flavor, we are currently looking for that with another product we are developing. Our goal is for it to be more of an experience in itself, close to eating raw fish. In the end, what we are looking for when we eat raw fish is not that marked fishy flavor. It's not like when you want a grilled hake, it's more like what we look for when we want a tuna tartare. A gastronomic experience -And what benefits does this fake fish made with vegetables have for the consumer? Is it a complete nutritional alternative? Tunato and Aubergeel are not intended to offer a nutritionally attractive product, but rather it is more of a gastronomic experience.


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