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Deepfake of Lola Flores de Cruzcampo was made









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Same time, the artificial intelligence technology necessary for a bot to imitate anyone's voice already exists if it has enough samples of the original voice. You can even clone your own voice for $70. This, which is already a paradise for fake news and a nightmare for espionage services around the world, is just the beginning of what AI has in store for us in the field of funeral services 5.0. There are already a few startups working on it with the idea that you can not only talk, but have a video conference with a dead person who coherently answers your questions and is able to have a basic conversation with you. To me personally, it seems, in addition to being macabre, something that can have terrible psychological consequences for those who try to hold on to a false memory of a loved one .

Silicon Valley they have smelled the business opportunity. If then you have to develop another bot with AI to do psychological therapy because you no longer know who is alive and who is dead, then it is developed. It will be for money. And not just in Silicon Valley. Microsoft already has a patent registered for a chatbot to talk to the dead. One application of digital resurrection technology that we have already seen, and I fear we will see much more of in the future, is that which allows Phone Number List  dead actors or singers to be revived. At the moment it has been done in a few scenes of some films in which the actors had died before or during filming, but it is extremely tempting for Hollywood (and perhaps for many unscrupulous heirs of legendary actors) to resurrect the greats. from the screen to star in films again, to the point that many of them (the living) are including the prohibition of the use of their image in their wills.

Possibilities is endless, and so are the ethical dilemmas they pose, but, alas, a powerful gentleman is Don Dinero. And it's not just about movies. Would you pay to see a holographic concert by the Beatles or Elvis in which, in addition to singing, they interact with the audience just like in a real concert? If you have already done with Roy Orbison or María Callas... it is a matter of time. There are two other fields of more or less immediate future related to digital legacy and the recreation of dead people: The metaverse (or metaverses, to be more precise), where via avatar and virtual reality we could end up interacting with deceased people who would speak and behave in the same way as the deceased (deceased, what a word) through the application of AI .


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