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Evo Payments offers the new QR code payment service in Mexico









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发表于 2023-11-27 14:56:54 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
Since last year, the Bank of Mexico has tried to promote CoDi , its QR code payment system, however it has not been able to take off as expected. Despite this, zero-contact payments have gained greater importance due to the pandemic and the suggestion of maintaining distance as much as possible, and now a strong push has come from Evo Payments . With this new integration, Evo Payments will promote the use of the digital payments platform in Mexico and obtain between  and  of transactions that are made in cash . Say goodbye to cash: CoDi begins operations in Mexico Contactless payments: Evo Payments implements CoDi in its terminals Since last September 1st, Evo Payments enabled CoDi in all its point of sale (POS) terminals, and with this new function its customers will be able to make the payments they want from their mobile device through QR codes, at the same time They offer advantages to businesses so that they can easily receive payments at all times with this technology.

Mexico City, the metropolitan area, and soon nationwide. “ Of every 100 pesos that a business receives, 30 are with credit and debit cards and 70 pesos are with cash. With this new collection system, what we intend is to strengthen electronic transactions and instead of in cash, steal or  at the beginning. It would be excellent ,” León Vega, CEO of EVO Payments in Mexico, said in an interview. For more C Level Contact List than five years, Evo Payments has enabled terminals with contactless technology (contactless payments) ; But they had the problem that not all banks changed the card points with magnetic stripe or chip to contactless, as explained by the manager. A strong boost to the use Due to the current situation and offering a useful tool to avoid contact points in physical establishments , they drew up a terminal plan with that they divided into two parts; The first includes more than 60,000 MSME businesses that use Evo Payments and that.

With this strategy Evo Payments wants to offer its affiliated businesses “all the tools available in the market so that their business can grow and this is one of the tools that we are launching taking advantage of the regulations and the existing situation ,” explained the CEO. How has the use of CoDi been in Mexico? According to the Bank of Mexico, the average amount made by CoDi users is 982 pesos ; a figure that has increased progressively since January when the average was 678 pesos. So far, the banks with users that use CoDi the most are: Citibanamex with  of money transfers, HSBC with  BBVA with  and the remaining  is distributed among the other banks. With the incorporation of CoDi to the Evo Payment terminals, the company manager is confident that this form of payment will have more presence among Mexicans with the coronavirus pandemic .Tweet EvoPayments implements CODI in its point of sale terminals.


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