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Challenges and solutions to innovate in the last mile in Spain, according to ...









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Economy 3 > Companies Last mile logistics is the process of delivering products from a warehouse or distribution center to the customer's home. In Spain, this sector is growing at a rapid pace, driven by the rise of electronic commerce. The main challenges of last mile logistics in Spain are sustainability, urban congestion and efficiency. To address these challenges, companies are adopting new technologies and solutions, such as micromobility, collaborative delivery or automation. We analyze the keys to smart mobility of the Valencian company T-box , led by its general director Alberto Moreno . Innovation in the sector The environment today is complex. A statement with which all logistics actors agree. Alberto Moreno, for his part, is clear: "The moment is now: the most important of our existence .

" In his opinion, the current logistics system "is not valid . " And in what way is it not? In sustainability, efficiency, resilience or adaptability for a dynamic and constantly changing market, among others. Where to look then? "To the urban environment ," Moreno responds. Moreno explains that “we have a lot at stake in the Job Function Email List urban environment. The reality is more urban than rural. The European Commission reports highlight that 70% of the population is concentrated in urban areas . And he expresses: «The battle of sustainability will be won or lost in urban environments. Its main fronts are congestion, pollution, public health and, of course, logistics .

The last mile, key in logistics "The last mile concept becomes the fundamental piece of our activity almost daily ," he comments. The CEO of T-box believes that "we are unfocused . " And it exposes four obstacles that continue to prevail in today's culture: dabbawalanization , the fallacy of free, the algorithm as a new mantra and the damage done to the entrepreneurial system by the belief in achieving the so-called 'unicorns' ( startups with a valuation of more of 1,000 million dollars). What is T-box T-box is a company that offers advanced logistics solutions and whose core business focuses on efficient supply chain management, with special attention and performance in the last mile. The company was founded by Carlos Torres Patiño and Javier Gala Torres .


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